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The force of “Star Wars” fandom returns with “Empire: Uncut” - created through 480 filmmakers and fans. The result is an often amusing, always entertaining and impressive (most impressive) re-imagining of “The Empire Strikes Back.”


If Google Street View was available on other planets, or at least in “a post-apocalyptic universe in which the solar system’s planets have been colonized,” this is what it might look like - courtesy of the video game “Destiny.” Up next (why not?): a Google Hangout with a Titan from the game.


On A Human Scale" at last weekend’s "Storyscapes" event, part of the Tribeca Film Festival, is an interactive music experience that triggers facial expressions based on the note being played. The vision from creator Matthew Matthew is a “growing musical instrument of humanity.” I watched people step up and play notes at the piano for about 10 minutes. The moment someone hit a key, they immediately smiled at the human reaction that it triggered on a panel in front of them. This is truly an instrument of human connection.

TIME released its list of “Selfiest" cities worldwide based on the number of selfies taken in them. New York comes in at #2, behind Makati City and Pasig, Philippines (according to photos tagged with "selfie" and revealed location on Instagram).

This might be the only video where reading the title takes longer than watching the entire animated clip. The “Golden Age of Insect Aviation: The Great Grasshoppers” by Wayne Unten is a fun piece of content that makes the imagination fly.

A flying machine that can groove to music shall be known as Drone Kelly. Kmel Robotics shared this video in conjunction the launch of an aerial photography vehicle at CES. I can get behind a drone motto of “Drop Beats, Not Bombs.”

(Source: Mashable)

NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) introduces a “superhero robot.” Meet Valkyrie. One small step for humanoid, one giant leap for humanoid-kind.